My Skins

Series 60
MemphisX MSX1 for
Oggplay 1.0

Oggplay 1.01
Oggplay 1.02 or higher
MXNG Lumil
MMDX Media Player Deviant RealOne
RealOne 2 Simplicity    

Series 80
Spring  SE


Skins Made By Others

Evobit's Series 60 skins

iPogg iPogg 2 Halseye Half Life 2


M!W's Series 60 skins
Media Player 10 Musicmatch Alientech Darkstar


Vinh Hung's Series 60 skins

WinAmp Modern


If you have any skins for Oggplay I'd be pleased to upload them here.
Of course with full credit to it's creator.

For uploading your skins, ideas for new skins or anything related to oggplay skins you can make your posts/questions here.